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Ground-Standing Horse Walker

with fences

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Ground-Standing Horse Walker

with partial roof

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Ground-Standing Horse Walker


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Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walker

with lunging ring

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Lunging Pen with / without horse walker

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Round Stables with horse stalls and / or horse walkers

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Ring-Gliding Horse Walker

with partial or complete roof

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Rail-Gliding Horse Walker

oval, rectangular, round

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Water Horse Walker

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Jürgen und Thomas Casper
Birkhof Stud Farm, Donzdorf

We met through horses and breeding and since then we also have a Kraft Horse Walker and are very happy with it. It has been optimally serviced by Uwe and his whole team.

Karl-Werner Schneider
Agriculturist, Erftstadt

I chose the combination of horse walker and lunging ring under one roof because this is what fi t perfectly. I focused most on safety and reliability in choosing a design. I can confi rm 100% the well-known good reputation of the Kraft Company in reference to quality and long term value. I would recommend them to anyone!

Ernst Bachinger
Former manager of the Spanish Riding School

We looked at several horse walkers and ascertained that Kraft has the best ones. That is when I came to an agreement with Kraft. This was probably also due to his friendliness.”

Gerhard Hörrmann
Waldhof Wildberg

We cannot imagine Waldhof without a Kraft Horse Walker. Even horses from our active stables regularly enjoy additional exercise in the walker.

Michael Jung
Event rider - here with Anabell Kraft

We have been in touch with the Kraft Company for a long time. Our horses walk in a Kraft Horse Walker daily.

Matthias Schepper
Recreational Farm, Römerstein

One of the first Kraft Horse Walkers is on our farm. It was certain that we would purchase from Kraft. The quality is excellent and it just made good sense.

Ronald Zabala–Goetschel
2012 Olympic rider and owner of Wiseguys’ Shangri-La

After a long search of which company to buy the horse walkers from, we chose Kraft because of the design and quality. We are very satisfied with the service as it ensures that our three horse walkers always work properly.

We know what we are doing!

Through our own horse breeding and daily work with horses, we know their needs and know how essential exercise is.

But we also know about their instinct, their strength, their urge to show themselves and move. This knowledge flows into EVERYTHING we design, plan and implement. The solutions we offer are tailored to this and make the subtle difference. But not only this: Our knowledge of horses makes it easy for us to empathize with our customers. A WIN-WIN situation for everyone!


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